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Spicy Ramnna deserves an alluring flair, a new dimension which infuses sophisticated depiction of our growing elite social life at DHAKA city.This International standard restaurant features a vast open space, which has been decorated with a unique blend of style,



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Our corporate dining programs provide culinary innovations, food safety practices and more for your employees

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Buffet 101 dishes

we offers all day dining and an innovative, seasonal menu. Over 101 Buffet dishes comprise of Italian, Mediterranean, Japanese, Thai, Chinese, South Asian and Bangladeshi cuisines. Savor our Fresh house-made pastas, meat dishes, seafood, pastries, gelatos and a variety of

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Free Parking

You can access the car park from 12pm and then on Monday to Saturday until 10pm, and 5pm on a Sunday. You can collect your car after it has closed, you will be given a code to allow you to

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"The only think I like better than talking about Food is eating"
Daily exercise and Quality Food is the key to remain Healthy
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Dhaka, Bangladesh
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12:00 pm – 11:00 PM

Call: 01716-890349