About Us

Spicy Ramnna deserves an alluring flair, a new dimension which infuses sophisticated depiction of our growing elite social life at DHAKA city.
This International standard restaurant features a vast open space, which has been decorated with a unique blend of style, class & sophistication. Take a well-deserve break and unwind in the comfort of Spicy Ramna cozy décor burnished warmth of mahogany and brass, deep rich colors and soft lamp lighting that calm your senses.

The space ranging about 8,500 sq.ft and seating on average 350 is open on three sides, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy your food with an outstanding view; with the sites and sound of Dhanmondi on one side & Wonderland children’s park on the other side

  • Our dishes always stay faithful to the real fundamentals of Thai cuisine
  • It's a kitchen that operates only on a "Truly Royal Thai" philosophy
  • Our Kingly cuisine is served in a regal ambience
  • Typical of a classic, this place creates a feeling as lofty as the exquisite dining experience that awaits you