Buffet Restaurants In Dhanmondi With Price


We Bangladeshis love a nice buffet since we are a gourmet culture. Additionally, buffets are available to quench your appetite if you like eating or have a voracious appetite. In Dhanmondi, there are several excellent buffet restaurants. 

However, it might be challenging to locate the best buffet restaurants in Dhanmondi with price that is within your budget. Therefore, we are introducing one of the most affordable buffet options in Dhanmondi and that is, none other than, our very own, Spicy Ramna! 

Dhanmondi’s Spicy Ramna offers exceptional value for the money. A 60-item buffet including VAT and all other levies is available for Tk 850. This is undoubtedly one of Dhanmondi’s most reasonably priced buffet eateries. Even better, they provide you with unlimited water and a soft drink of your choice. There is a superb assortment of sweets, as well as a wide range of cuisines from Chinese to Deshi.

Two of the menu’s highlights are the meals from the live pizza station that are delivered directly to your table. The restaurant might fill up fast, so we advise contacting you in advance to make a reservation. There are no obvious drawbacks to the location or the cuisine, except for the crowds and rush brought on by the buffet’s inexpensive price. Additionally, you may reserve the space for any private or business event.

Cheap Buffet In Dhanmondi

If you enjoy buffets, Spicy Ramna doesn’t need to be introduced to you. Since it first began its voyage in 2018, this location has experienced tremendous growth in popularity. With well over 100 dishes on the menu, some of the hot favorites of frequent customers are the Chicken Saslic, Mutton Biryani, Dahi Bora, and Mixed Fruit Salad.

Don’t forget to try their signature dishes like a full chicken roast or fried crab when you’re there. Even those who enjoy traditional cuisine might find something exceptional here. Your appetites for Indian food will be sated with Mutton Biryani, Kala Bhuna, and Chicken Jhal Fry. Their lunch buffet is TK 850, which includes VAT and all other taxes. Additionally, the evening buffet will cost you TK 1050.

Buffet Restaurants In Dhaka With Price

Spicy Ramna is a must-visit if you’re looking for a buffet restaurant in Dhanmondi with price that goes well with your budget. Spicy Ramna in Dhanmondi 10/A warrants a spot on our list even though it hasn’t yet developed a reputation as one of Dhaka’s most reasonably priced buffet eateries. 

Although there is an Indian and salad area on the buffet, the Chicken Jhal Fry is what makes it stand out. With some crispy luchis, it pairs extremely well and is flavorful. In contrast to other buffets, where you are often given dry foods that drive you to request water, which is not included in the buffet and is extra, this one comes with a bottle of water and your choice of soft drink.

Because the buffet here offers excellent value for money at Tk 850 thanks to the variety of dishes and, of course, the Chicken Jhal Fry, we cannot help but strongly suggest it.

Best Buffet Restaurants In Dhanmondi With Price

One of the popular places for a delicious buffet lunch or supper with your loved ones in the region is Spicy Ramna, which is situated in Dhanmondi. The pricing is very reasonable considering there are over 60 options for lunch and over 100 items for dinner. The cost of their lunch buffet is fixed at TK 850, while their dinner buffet is TK 1050 with taxes and other fees included. Fried rice, biriyani, naan, and a variety of chicken and beef dishes are on the buffet’s standard meal menu.

But the star of the show will be their desserts. You wouldn’t have any issues as the fruit custard and gulab jamun are of high quality.

What do you think of our list, then? Have you dined at Spicy Ramna’s buffets?

If you haven’t then pack your bags and start your journey right now! 

Buffet Menu With Price

In addition to endless pizzas, continental, Chinese, Indian, and fast food options, this restaurant serves traditional cuisines. This business is a terrific, affordable alternative to treat your friends and family because of the attractive and classy décor. This Dhaka buffet contains more than 100 things.

The menu at this restaurant is endless and features delicious Italian cuisine! their scrumptious pastries and delicious appetizers. A live pizza section is also present in this restaurant. Since the buffet might get busy, get there early.

Rise Buffet Menu Price

For those who enjoy Indian cuisine, there are 4–5 different varieties of Indian food available in Spicy Ramna (unlimited), in addition to spring rolls, wontons, soups, salads, spaghetti, fried rice, curries, and desserts.

There are 100 dishes on the buffet menu at this interesting restaurant, and it is reasonably priced! Most of the cuisine is Thai, Chinese, or Indian, but it’s all really good. If you do visit, you must indulge in the fruit custard afterward; it is a very memorable treat!

Low Price Buffet In Dhanmondi

Buffets are available to satisfy your demands whether you’re a big eater or have a voracious appetite.

Buffets started to become popular in Dhaka in the early 2010s, and Spicy Ramna continues to provide one of the city’s top all-around buffets.

Buffets were popular, lost popularity, and are currently on the verge of regaining popularity.

There are still certain locations in the city that provide top-notch buffets, and Spicy Ramna is one of them. 

The cost, the caliber of the cuisine, the novelty of the offerings, and the level of service while compiling, are just outstanding here in Spicy Ramna.

Fried rice, biriyani, naan, and a variety of chicken and beef dishes are on the buffet’s standard meal menu.

Custard and gulap jamun are among the dessert options, but overall, the food was tasty.

The buffet, which has more than 60 items and limitless water and soft drinks, is a lovely addition that won’t let you down. It costs 850 Tk.

The 100+ item buffet meal is 1050 tk.

Cheapest Buffet In Dhanmondi

The Spicy Ramna buffet is one of Dhaka’s most well-known buffets.

They provide well over 100 dishes, including biriyani, salad, and several desserts.

Consistency in meal quality is one thing you can count on, and their desserts are typically outstanding.

The full chicken roast, which is sliced when you want it, is something that everyone should taste.

Another aspect of the buffet that we liked was that it was open until 11 p.m., when most restaurants close their buffets at 10 p.m.

The cost of Tk 850 is rather low, and there are comparable solutions that are more expensive.