One of the Top Restaurants in Dhanmondi – Spicy Ramna

Restaurants in dhanmondi

In the metropolis of Dhaka, Dhanmondi is a paradise. There are several eateries in this neighborhood that are well-known for their distinctive flavors and aromas of various foods. Dhanmondi is unmatched when it comes to food.

The dining establishments in Dhanmondi are distinctive. They provide upscale, quality meals. If you visit one of them, you will undoubtedly recall the flavor and scent. You shouldn’t miss the chance to visit such food heaven as Dhanmondi. 

And one of the quality restaurants among the big names in Dhanmondi is Spicy Ramna. 

As a  great restaurant, we offer more than just delicious cuisine; we also offer a space to unwind, converse with your friends, and savor some lovely moments. 

The most crucial aspect of a good restaurant is to present foods in an aesthetically pleasing setting so customers go there to enjoy lovely times and enjoy their favorite foods.

And that’s exactly what we have at Spicy Ramna. With a top-of-the-world interior and outstanding views, you’ll get to enjoy the dining experience to the fullest. 

Best Restaurants In Dhanmondi

One of Dhanmondi’s very well-known fine dining establishments is Spicy Ramna, which is situated on Shatmashjid Road. The culinary recipes of Spicy Ramna are inspired by regional and Indian cuisine, and they are made by chefs with extensive international expertise. Spicy Ramna’s menu items are reasonably priced, but you’ll undoubtedly like the restaurant’s natural setting and distinctive flavors as well.

Spicy Ramna in Dhanmondi would be the ideal location for you if you want to have a buffet with your friends and family or eat lunch in a peaceful natural setting. 

All of the Italian and Indian cuisines, as well as local specialties, a variety of appetizers, and many more items, are crammed into the Spicy Ramna menu. Overall, if you’re looking for a premium experience, this is a place you must pay a visit to asap.

Best Restaurants In Dhanmondi For Couples

One of the nicest restaurants in Dhaka’s Dhanmondi for couples is Spicy Ramna, a place where you may take your wife to. Spicy Ramna is the ideal destination to satisfy your hunger for a lunch or supper buffet with more than 60-100 food options at a very affordable price.

Spicy Ramna offers Italian dishes as well as their well-known Indian dishes and appetizers. It is a well-known restaurant among the younger generations because of the reasonable pricing and the great food served in a welcoming setting.

The Spicy Ramna in Dhanmondi is the ideal choice if you want to spend the evening with an exceptional buffet supper while getting away from the bustle of the city. In the tranquil setting, you may let your weariness out and unwind while savoring some excellent cuisine with Indian and Italian influences. The Spicy Ramna is a worthwhile destination to visit in Dhanmondi because of its affordable food, welcoming atmosphere, and first-rate service.

Beautiful Restaurants In Dhanmondi


Buffet restaurants are common in Dhanmondi. In Dhanmondi, you may find various kinds of restaurants, including fancy, pricey buffets and inexpensive buffets. One of the best-known low-cost buffet establishments in Dhanmondi is Spicy Ramna. 60+ dishes are available for lunch at the Spicy Ramna Dhanmondi branch for just 850 BDT, while 101+ options are available for supper for just 1050 BDT.

The superb interior decoration has made it a quality pick for people all around the city. With rich decoration, Spicy Ramna stands out as one of the most beautiful-looking restaurants you can find in Dhanmondi. Which makes it an ideal location for corporate and professional gatherings and meetings. If you’re ready to host an official meeting or conference with a dining feature on board, feel free to contact us anytime! 

Restaurants in Dhanmondi

Restaurants Around Dhanmondi With Privacy

Spicy Ramna is the place to go if you’re looking for a Dhanmondi buffet restaurant that’s affordable. Both Indian and Italian meals are served at Spicy Ramna. The distinctive dish of Spicy Ramna is the delectable local cuisine, in addition to beverages and sides. When you have a need for a sizable buffet or just want to hang out with your friends, Spicy Ramnas is the spot to go in Dhanmondi because of the delicious flavor of the food at a very affordable price.

Top Restaurants Near Dhanmondi 

In Bangladesh, the number of restaurants has increased recently. The classic Bangla Chinese restaurants have made way for more exotic and fusion options in the food scene. The evolution of restaurant design has coincided with the evolution of culinary culture.

For an evening dinner, a delicious pastry, or a slice of pizza, Spicy Ramna is ideal. Spicy Ramna’s subtle design offers a tranquil atmosphere for quiet enjoyment. 

Lunch options are available on the Spicy Ramna menu in addition to sweets and appetizers. At Spicy Ramna, the buffet costs for Indian and Italian meals are very reasonably priced. Overall, this is one of the top restaurants you can try in Dhanmondi. 

Dark Restaurants Near Dhanmondi

Spicy Ramna, one of the greatest in Dhanmondi, first opened its doors a few years ago. It was anticipated to be just another buffet restaurant like the average ones, but it has undoubtedly exceeded expectations. 

Spicy Ramna has significantly influenced the young adult population around the city. The spacious interior of Spicy Ramna gives it the appearance of a high-end location. And lastly, the food—is the most crucial component. The least complimentary adjective we could use to describe the foods that reach your table is succulent. Concerning the dishes, there is no room for argument.

Spicy Ramna has finally received the attention it deserves because of its location on Satmasjid Road, an area teeming with young people eager for the newest trends. People from all around the city began to gather as word of mouth spread. As a result, a fantastic restaurant serving oriental food started to flourish. We’ll be paying close attention to how Spicy Ramna’s reputation develops.

Chinese Restaurants Close to Dhanmondi

Who doesn’t enjoy Chinese cuisine? In Dhanmondi, there are several options for eating Chinese food right now. However, this rivalry does raise the question of which local Chinese restaurant is the best.

In order to establish their business in one of the busiest areas in all of Bangladesh, Spicy Ramna has built up adequate credibility and strength. We are, of course, referring to Spicy Ramna, which is located in Dhanmondi close to the lake area. No compromising on quality is a trait shared by all of Dhanmondi’s top restaurants. 

And the next place you should go if you enjoy authentically prepared Chinese or local cuisine is Spicy Ramna.

Spicy Ramna is among the greatest in the city because of its exquisite beauty and excellent cuisine. The menu has something for everyone, from full chicken roasts to mutton biriyani and kalabhuna to grilled chicken salads (one of our favorites). 

The taste of each plate adds to the diversity of foods that are offered. The butter chicken’s marbling and the salads’ freshness give you the impression that the restaurant was specifically created to serve just one dish. But the quality of the chef’s work is evident throughout the entire menu. And this is the feature of Spicy Ramna—complete consistent perfection. Must visit if you enjoy and love foods. 

Buffet Restaurants Around Dhanmondi

Some of the restaurants in the Dhanmondi zone have a classic feel to them. Spicy Ramna on Shatmosjid Road in Dhanmondi is one such restaurant. 

Their hottest offering is the whole chicken roast. They also have shockingly good Chinese food. Their dosa is as delicate and crunchy as you could possibly dream. And these are only a few of the available things. Give this hidden treasure, one of the top restaurants near Dhanmondi, a visit to experience their tasty cuisine. But make reservations in advance because securing a seat there might be difficult due to their well-known popularity.